Gameloft reveals Wild Blood, drops first teaser trailer

Last week, Gameloft began teasing its first game made with the Unreal Engine by releasing a single image. At the time we tried our best to guess what it was, and after making us wait a week, Gameloft has finally revealed the title. Its name is Wild Blood, and today we were given a brief look at it in a new teaser trailer.

Truth is, we still don't know all that much about Wild Blood, aside from its name. The teaser trailer offers up glimpses of the game world, main character, and enemies, but other than those, there isn't too much to work with. It looks like it could be a cross between God of War and Infinity Blade, but since we don't see any actual gameplay, it's hard to make that call.

What is obvious from the trailer is the fact that Wild Blood will be a visually impressive game, especially for an iOS and Android title. That's thanks to the use of the Unreal Engine, which we've seen in other mobile games like Dungeon Defenders and, of course, Infinity Blade. What we see of the game in the teaser trailer certainly looks great, so now if we could just get Gameloft to spill some more details, we'd be all set.

But nope, instead Gameloft is slowly revealing these details, one by one. Next up is another image for the game, and that's being uncovered as the teaser trailer you see above racks up more views. Since the teaser trailer only landed today, we'll likely be waiting at least a few more days before this image is fully revealed, so for the moment all we can do is watch the video over and over again. Stay tuned, because we'll have that image for you once Gameloft releases it.

[via Android Community]