Gameloft branch raided by police over gambling rumor

Gameloft, maker of all sorts of mobile games, had its branch in Indonesia raided by police recently over what was apparently a misunderstanding about what, exactly, game developers do. That raid is said to have happened this past Monday, and was due to residents in the region telling law enforcement the studio was actually a secret "online gambling den." Undercover officers tried to force their way into the building, reportedly punching a security guard in the face, before getting a warrant and returning later.

The Gameloft branch is located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where developers were said to have been interrupted by a scuffle with undercover police officers who tried to enter the studio and conduct an investigation without a warrant. Security barred them from entering, and the scuffle reportedly became physical at one point.

This resulted in the undercover police officers later being joined by new uniformed officers arriving with a warrant. According to reports, the officers questioned the developers about the nature of prizes received for winning the games.

As expected, the police found no signs of gambling and left the studio. Workers took to Twitter where they shared tweets about the incident, with one worker commenting that the police were "rude as hell" for punching the security guard.

SOURCE: Tech in Asia