Gameloft Q4 2012 sales reach record high

This week the team at Gameloft has released their Q4 earnings report for the end of 2012, showing here that they've come up with their most successful quarter ever! This report shows that Gameloft has recorded a 23% boost in sales compared to the same quarter last year as well as earnings throughout 2012 that are 27% higher than they were throughout 2011. Looks like everything is turning up Gameloft!

Gameloft is noting that the successful launch of a brand new pack of games over the past few weeks and months have contributed greatly to the overall excellence of the quarter leading into 2013. Games like Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, PLAYMOBIL Pirates (currently featured in Google Play as a game you've gotta check out), World at Arms, and even My Little Pony are being touted as leaders of the new school. Legacy lines of games continuing with Ice Age Village, The Amazing Spider-Man, Order & Chaos Online, and Asphalt 7: Heat are also keeping the company strong in the mobile realm.

Earnings this quarter are the highest they've been in any one quarter in the whole history of Gameloft as a brand. They also mark the sixth consecutive quarter in which Gameloft has topped earnings from the quarter before – that's extremely rare in a company in this market as quarters generally go up or down based on how close they are to the holiday seasons. The 12-month total earnings have hit 208.3 million Euro while 2011's total was up to 164.4 – Gameloft on the rise, that's what that is.

Just comparing the Q4 sales year-on-year on smartphones and tablets, growth went up 66%. These sales represented 56% of the total Group sales in the end while one year ago they represented 41% – the times they are a changing!

Above you'll see the Samsung Galaxy Note II running Asphalt 7: Heat – notice how fabulous the game is and keep in mind that we use this game as a go-to app showing the graphics and processing abilities of high-powered Android devices basically every time we need to do such a thing. It's also a go-to game for comparing iOS and Android devices as Gameloft is right on top of keeping the app up to date and hot for both platforms. This bodes well for their company and business as a whole as their games are both high functioning and constantly updated to stay ahead of the curve.