Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer: 5 answers, 5 new questions

Right now we're watching the Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer, over and over again. Once you've seen it a time or two yourself, scroll down and have a peek at our analyzation of what this video suggests this season will bring. Or if you'd rather do that yourself, just remember: The first episode comes on April 14th, 2019, and we'll be there with bells on. Know that the following post is full of SPOILERS – though you knew that, right? Nobody's going to get this far and expect an article about a trailer to be spoiler free.

1. Daenerys and Jon, sitting in a tree?

Hold up here, what are the king and queen of our hearts doing just sitting around not playing kissy-face? It's almost as if they're leading an army to face off against the oncoming masses of frozen dead. It's like they're more interested in saving humanity from certain doom or something. What's clear here is the fact that they've got some serious considerations to make – several times in this one trailer we see Jon and/or Daenerys looking very, very pensive.

2. Grey Worm and Missandei, sitting in a tree?

Yes indeed, Missandei and Grey Worm are still making kissy-face for real. As if this, the greatest love story of the entire series, would leave us without more emotional connectivity. Will this relationship play out much longer, or is there only so much space left in this story before the end?

3. What's chasing Arya?

If for even a moment you suspected Arya would stay out of danger for long, how dare you? She's the first face we see in this trailer, and it's clear she's not alone. Actually she appears to be running, away, from someone or something. That's not very common anymore – could it be something monstrous?

4. Are dragons eating Winterfell's lifestock?

We're not playing around anymore, there's only this one season left – dragons are about to get buck-wild on a level we've not yet seen. They're front, they're center, and they're going to be starting things on fire, in abundance. Here we get to see two dragons (we know the location of the third, sadface emoji), right above the head of Sansa Stark – so the whole family is having fun – and above Winterfell, no less!

You'll find the "eating" bit at the head of this article. At around 1:23 we see two of our best dragon buddies in a pit of bones – full of tasty carcasses!

5. What will the Weirwood do?

Just when you thought you'd seen the last of that beautiful red-leafed white tree in Winterfell's back yard, it comes up again. Jon Snow seeks wisdom beneath the weirwood tree, the same sort of tree under which Bran (and crew) took refuge in Season 4, Episode 4, "The Children."

The sort of weirwood we're talking about here is a Heart Tree. That's the sort of weirwood that sits at the center of a Godswood. A Godswood is a castle walls-enclosed, wooded area near a castle set aside for meditation and worship of the old gods. It would appear that the weirwood will take a role as important here at the end as it did at the beginning. What'll it be?