Game of Thrones premiere free streaming hits Xbox

Starting tomorrow, Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners can watch the premiere of season four for free. The free streaming offer is a limited time promotion, and is a bid on HBO's part to get more people to sign up for the network's subscription service.

The free streaming will only apply for Game of Thrones season four's premiere, and will run from tomorrow, April 8, through April 14. The video will be available to owners of both the current console and the Xbox 360.

The promotion isn't being limited to Xbox owners, however, with the premiere also being made available for streaming online through several service providers' on-demand services, as well as their respective websites.

The so-called sampling deal had been planned with Microsoft for a while, and that while Game of Thrones maintains an extremely high piracy rate, the movie wasn't a bid against the piracy estimates. This follows making the first episode of Silicon Valley available for free, as well.

SOURCE: Variety