Game Cube Portable reaffirms our love of console mods [Video]

What is it about mods that turn regular consoles into portable ones that so excites us?  Perhaps we'll never know the answer to that vaguely inconsequential question, so for now let's just marvel at ModRetro forum member Techknott's Game Cube Portable.Video demo after the cut

The disc reader sits under the LCD display, which hinges up for access, and there are all the usual controls culled from an original Game Cube controller.  No word on how long it too nor how much it cost to put together, though.

To be fair, it's apparently not entirely portable, since there's no battery compartment; instead you have to plug it into an AC adapter.  Techknott made it on commission for someone, so if you like the style and handiwork and you want a classic console twisted into a portable housing, it might be worth giving him a shout.

[via Technabob]