GAME-800 PMP & retro game emulator

Chubby, lurid and with a definitely Apple-inspired UI, the GAME-800 PMP could easily be dismissed as yet another Chinese knock-off.  In doing that, though, you'd be missing out on some retro gaming action, as this "MP5 Player" not only has video and audio playback but an emulator for NES, Famicom, GameBoy, GameBoy Color and Sega Mega Drive games.

There's also a camera – of unspecified resolution – around the back, and a text-to-speech ebook reader than can take .TXT files and read them to you in Chinese or English.  Who needs a Kindle 2, eh? 

Capacity is 4GB, expandable to twice that via an SD card, and the display runs at 320 x 240 resolution.  Gameplay is unlikely to be the most inspiring, considering the less-than-ergonomic button layout, but at $80 it might be worth a punt.

[via technabob]