Galaxy Z Fold 2 name leaked with next-gen specs

Chris Burns - Jul 6, 2020, 10:47am CDT
Galaxy Z Fold 2 name leaked with next-gen specs

The next major Samsung smartphone had a bit of a name leak today to match with a list of specifications leaked over the past few weeks. This device will be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It’ll fold like a book, where the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip flipped open like a traditional flip phone. Now there’ll be two devices with “Z” in the title each year, one “Fold”, the other a “Flip”.

So you’ve got a device that opens like a book with a foldable display, from Samsung. That device was rumored this week to be called Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. There is no Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, or Fold 1. That name never existed, as that device was called Samsung Galaxy Fold. Now it’ll have the “Z” in the name so Samsung’s full portfolio is a bit more… easy to reconcile?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip from 2019 opened like a traditional flip phone. Where the Z Fold starts tall and folds open to be more square, the Z Flip starts in a more square configuration and folds out up to a long configuration.

Samsung now has a Samsung Galaxy Note line of devices, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Z. These will be Samsung’s multiple hero smartphone lines for the foreseeable future.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is rumored to roll with a display that covers a lot more of its outside than the first-gen device (which functioned a bit more like a window). The inner display (the folding display) will be larger than its predecessor, too, at 7.7-inches diagonally. It’ll also likely have a slightly different shape, with punch-holes for cameras and/or sensors and no notch as such.

The first Samsung Galaxy Fold device was originally priced at nearly $2k. It’s been suggested – though not yet substantiated in any major way – that the second device (Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2) will cost significantly less than its predecessor. It’s also expected that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be revealed at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G on August 6, 2020.

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