Galaxy S8 specs tipped to include "Infinity" display, headphone jack

The latest in a line of rumors for the Samsung Galaxy S8 should make headphone jack lovers and bezel haters happy. This smartphone has been tipped to roll with a display that nearly covers the entirety of the front of the phone, falling off the edges like a Galaxy Edge device of past years, pushing past the logo on the top and the bottom. It's also been suggested this week that the headphone jack won't be going anywhere quick.

Several sources reportedly spoke with The Guardian about the oncoming Samsung Galaxy S8, suggesting a great many things about its next-gen features. Amongst them is (another) tip about the S8 having both left and right "Edge" display curves, and that two versions of the device will indeed be released, one big and one small.

Curving off both edges and reaching up to nearly the top and bottom of the phone is what embodies the "Infinity Display" branding. Additional features may become part of this branding – but the basics seem to be set and obvious already. It's tipped this week that Samsung will include their "DeX" device will allow the smartphone to act as a PC with an HDMI cord – that too could become part of the Infinity Display branding.

Many features released with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will appear on the Samsung Galaxy S8, as it often is with the S/Note release schedule. Perhaps the most important of these is the iris scanning feature from the Note 7 which will allow the Galaxy S8 to be unlocked by looking at the phone's sensor. This same sensor is said to work with several sorts of locks, not just the initial screen lock.

This device – or these devices, as it were – won't necessarily be appearing at Mobile World Congress 2017 the way previous Samsung smartphones have. Instead, Samsung will far more likely plan their own, separate event at which they'll be able to keep the hype running for more than just the few hours they'd be able to earn in Barcelona.