Galaxy S8 dropped to test survivability

The problem with smartphones is that as they become more sophisticated, more "premium", and more expensive, they also start to look more fragile. The transition from polycarbonate plastic to aluminum to glass definitely makes devices look more exquisite, but, at times, they also make them more susceptible to certain kinds of accidents. So when Samsung went with a nearly all glass Galaxy S8, one whose display stretches over almost its entire face, one of the biggest questions that comes to mind how well will it survive the most common accident of all: dropping the phone on pavement. The answer might surprise you.

There are innumerable tests on the Internet done by pros and amateurs alike that put smartphones under undue amount of stress. JerryRigEverything, for example, is notorious for his scratch, burn, and bare hands bend test. Those, however, might be less interesting for would be Galaxy S8 owners. Gorilla Glass, especially the latest version 5, has proven itself more than capable of handling all but the sharpest instruments. You are also unlikely to "accidentally" set your phone on fire. And while bending a phone while it's in your pocket is a bit closer to real life situations, it's not the most common source of grief for users.

Humans have a habit of dropping their phones while in use. Especially because they are in use. This is especially true when the phone is mostly encased in smooth and shiny glass, just like the Galaxy S8. And while slightly bent phones are, by and large, still usable, a smartphone with a shattered screen or glass cover is another bigger accident waiting to happen.

The Galaxy S8 is a special case, too. For one, it's nearly all screen on the front. For another, its screen extends all the way to the sides, where impact often occurs. This means that there is an even bigger risk of the screen cracking on impact. To see if that is true for Samsung's latest champion, TechRax performs a drop test on the Galaxy S8, both a corner drop test and a "flat on your face" front screen test. And, just to be fair, he give the new red iPhone 7 the same treatment.

It is, indeed, impressive that the Galaxy S8 didn't completely crack under pressure. Yes, there are cracks and nicks, which could be dangerous for your hands in the long run. But the fact that it remains usable is cause to give Samsung some credit. Then again, when you're paying close to $900 for a smartphone, it shouldn't be as fragile as glass.