Galaxy S8 and S8+ red tint fix arrives on AT&T

Brittany A. Roston - May 10, 2017, 5:00 pm CDT
Galaxy S8 and S8+ red tint fix arrives on AT&T

The red tint fix for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones is rolling out now on AT&T. Galaxy S8 owners on the network should check for an update to see if it has arrived yet; once it does, users will be able to manually adjust the colors on their display, decreasing the amount of red on affected displays. The fix was first announced in late April and it rolled out a short while later on T-Mobile. Unfortunately, not all users find the solution satisfactory.

Some AT&T Galaxy S8 users have begun reporting the update’s rollout, which brings the same ‘Advanced Options’ display color controls to the phone’s settings. If your phone is one of the handset’s affected by the excessive red tint, you’ll be able to slide the ‘red’ color adjuster lower to decrease the amount of red on the screen.

Whether this ‘fix’ will ultimately solve the problem is up for debate. Some Galaxy S8 users report the adjustment working perfectly, while others say it isn’t enough to get rid of the problem, or that the discolored portions of the screen simply change from red to a different color. The desaturation, some say, is just a bandaid to cover a problem with the phone, one Samsung has skirted around without fully accepting as a legitimate ‘bug.’

T-Mobile users who have applied the fix seem polarized in their opinions about it — some users maintain that the phones themselves are faulty due to the fact that only some of the handsets are affected. Others argue that the red tint is within the bounds of what could be considered normal for this type of panel. Others argue that getting the display colors ‘close enough’ to normal using this software fix isn’t acceptable for a several hundred dollar phone.

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