Galaxy S7 Edge battles HTC 10 in speed tests

We are all impatient today and what may be only a few seconds for your smartphone to boot up or perform a task feels like an eternity when you are in a hurry. The HTC 10 and Galaxy S7 Edge have been pitted against each other in several speed tests to see which is faster for a variety of tasks. The first is a simple bootup test.

The Galaxy device in the test uses the Exynos chip and the HTC has a Snapdragon 820. The Samsung device boots up quite a bit faster than the HTC. The next test was a comparison of how fast the two smartphones launch apps. The S7 edge again won the first app boot test starting the game app Subway Surfer much faster than its competition.

The second app launch was only marginally faster, but was still a win for the Samsung device. Things were a bit different when launching the Google Play store, the HTC 10 was very slightly faster in that test to launch. When launching GTA: San Andreas, the HTC 10 was a bit faster to open the game. The tester says that the Exynos version of the S7 Edge has proven to be faster than most other devices tested.

Launching videos via YouTube was faster on the HTC 10. In the browser comparison using Google Chrome, launching a web page was faster on the Galaxy. Multitasking was very similar, but the S7 Edge did close one of the apps. The tester did note that the HTC 10 smartphone did get warmer than the Galaxy S7 Edge during use. Both of these devices were very close in performance. I'd like to see these tests performed on the Exynos and Snapdragon versions of the Galaxy S7.