Galaxy S22 leak says smaller display, sleeker body

The Samsung Galaxy S22 leaks are in full tilt this fall as we've finally jumped over the leak mountain that was the iPhone 13. The Samsung Galaxy S22 family of devices is tipped this week to appear with a newly invigorated effort to cut down edges and ramp up the glory of the all-important front-facing display. With foldable devices attempting to steal the spotlight, the Galaxy S22 needs to go all-out to keep the flat display in fashion.

The Naver leaker lanzuk suggested this week that the biggest changes to the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be to the front of the phone. This is a welcome change in and of itself, as over the last few years it seems like a backside redesign has stolen the spotlight from the more important consumer-facing interface. In the leak list this week, lanzuk said the rear design of the Galaxy S22 will be basically the same as the Galaxy S21.

The good news there is that the bits that are changing are in the camera power. The back-facing camera array will grow just a TINY bit, making way for an improved set of lenses for high-powered photos and video capture. The Galaxy S22 will have an array of cameras that surpasses the highest-end Galaxy smartphones released to date.

A height comment from lanzuk suggests the new Galaxy S22 – in all sizes – will be shorter than each model's predecessor. At the same time, the bezel around the front-facing display is said to go even thinner than before, making the front-facing display appear larger than ever before.

Courtesy of rumors released over the past several weeks, we expect that we have a fair grasp of what'll be released with the Galaxy S22 as far as display sizes. The Samsung Galaxy S22 will likely have a 6.1-inch display (0.1 smaller than before), the Galaxy S22+ will likely have a 6.5-inch display (0.1 smaller than before), and the Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to have the same size display as the S21 Ultra (6.8-inches).

Each model in the Galaxy S22 line is tipped to be ever-so-slightly thinner than their predecessors, at around 7.6mm (around 0.2mm thinner than the Galaxy S21). The weight is also tipped to be less than that of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

It's likely the Samsung Galaxy S22 will feature 25W charging, with 45W charging on the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra. The Galaxy S22+ is tipped to have a 4500mAh battery, while the standard Galaxy S22 is tipped to have a 3700mAh battery.