Galaxy S21, S21+, Ultra teasers make duo-tone colors look gorgeous

Good news, the Samsung Galaxy S21 isn't going to look like a nightmare. A couple of rather official-looking teasers appeared for the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra this morning in black and "Phantom Violet." This color scheme appears very similar to that of the Violet used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – refined just a bit here in its two-color combination.

Per the Android Police leak today, the Phantom Violet iteration of the device has two colors – violet and bronze. The "bronze" part of this equation might not be the same bronze we usually think of when we think bronze – not exactly the same as a bronze metal from the Olympics. Push that bronze a little more to the cool side of the spectrum and it'll fit the color combo we see here.

The pair of black tones we see here appear to be more about the finish than they are about the tone. The black of the edge and the camera array are deeper and more reflective. The black of the back is more matte – less reflective.

You'll also notice a rather significant difference between the Galaxy S21 (and +) and the S21 Ultra. The S21 Ultra has a far more curve-edged display, while the other two have a more traditional approach.

OF NOTE: The teaser images (appearing as GIF images) for the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ are functionally identical – save the last frames of the animation that show the name of the device. Since we're still dealing with renders (however official they may be), there's likely little reason to differentiate between the two in a teaser such as this. Especially since the top of the device (which we see here) will likely be within millimeters of one another.

We expect that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will appear at a Samsung Unpacked event on January 14, 2021. The Samsung Galaxy S21 release date is likely January 29, 2021, and all three devices will likely launch at the same time.