Galaxy S21 leaked in two forms without power plug

A set of images was released today showing the Samsung Galaxy S21 with its packaging. The notes surrounding this package make clear that the next Samsung smartphone will not be released with a power plug – at least in some markets. This tiny but significant leak shows that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be released in the very near future, and without another key accessory, too.

The Galaxy S21 is shown in a leak via WinFuture today in two sizes, one is the Samsung Galaxy S21, the other is the Samsung Galaxy S21+. Both versions appear to be headed to market without a power adapter (wall socket plug) or a pair of earbuds. Given the massive saturation of said accessories in most markets around the world, this comes as no surprise.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 will likely also be delivered in another, more extravagant form: The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This version of the device was rumored to come with support for a Samsung S Pen. This would be the first non-Galaxy Note Samsung smartphone to have support for Samsung's unique stylus.

The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra will all likely come with a new style, leaked several times over the past few weeks. In said leaks, it's shown that the Galaxy S21 and S21+ have flat frontside display panels with a camera array on their back that sits in the upper left-hand corner, hugging the edge of the device.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra was leaked with a slightly more curved frontside display, cascading off the left and right of the device. A leak of the Galaxy S21 Ultra also showed a special official case that'd allow the user to carry the device's S Pen with the phone, similar to how the Galaxy Note is able to carry its own S Pen inside its hardware.