Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Games Edition revealed in purple

A new Galaxy S21 was revealed today, ready to roll for the 2020 Olympic games. But wait, you might be saying, why would Samsung reveal a 2020 Olympics commemorative model of the Samsung Galaxy S21 now? Because the 2020 Olympics have not yet taken place! They're currently scheduled for Friday, July 23, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan, after an extended delay thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether they'll actually take place is another question entirely.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Games Edition, AKA the Tokyo 2020 Olympics commemorative model, does not have the name Samsung on its hardware. At least, it doesn't say Samsung all out in the open like you'd expect. The standard Samsung Galaxy S21 has the brand SAMSUNG on its back – this one shows three brands instead.

The vast bulk of the device is effectively identical to the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, but a few unique elements make it unique to Japan's Olympic games. There's an official Toyko Olympics mascot lock screen, wallpapers, and app icons. There's also a special "original animation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic model" that plays when the phone is turned off and on.

It'll likely only be a matter of time before we see these animations, icons, and wallpapers available to the public through 3rd-party sources. Such is the risk one takes in purchasing a smartphone for its special edition digital products only – they don't likely stay exclusive for long!

This Galaxy S21 has NTT DoCoMo, Galaxy, and the Olympic Rings above the words "Worldwide Partner." This device's listing page at NTT DoCoMo Japan suggests it is scheduled to be released "after early June 2021."

The device's color is "Phantom Blue" – regardless of the idea that it very, very much appears to be purple. The metal rim and camera array are both gold. It's important to note that the imagery shown today by NTT DoCoMo "are for illustrative purposes only" and "may be slightly different from the actual product."