Galaxy S10 reservations open before reveal with trade-in program

One week from today, Samsung will take the stage in San Francisco for its next Unpacked event and reveal the Galaxy S10. Ever since Unpacked 2019 was announced, we've known that the Galaxy S10 would be the headliner, and today Samsung made it clear that it knows we know. The company has opened up reservations for the phone, confirming beyond a shadow of a doubt that it'll be revealed next week.

It may be a little weird to reserve a phone sight unseen, but for everyone who already knows that they're going to buy the Galaxy S10, this is a way to get it as early as possible. Technically, you're not pre-ordering the phone just yet, as pre-orders won't open up until after the event. Instead, you're merely placing a reservation to get "early access to pre-order," which makes it sound like those who place a reservation now will have a chance to place their orders before the rest of us.

There are some perks to reserving now, even if pre-orders aren't open yet. Samsung says that those who reserve will have their phone delivered by March 8, but it only guarantees that while supplies last. Samsung is also offering a $50 accessories credit to everyone who reserves, which is a nice bonus.

Samsung has launched a trade-in program for the Galaxy S10 as well, with its reservation page saying that prospective buyers can get up to $550 in trade-in credit depending on the phone they hand over. The reservation form doesn't require much information – just name, email address, and ZIP code, along with the carrier you want for your device (though there's also an option to buy an unlocked model if you don't want to commit to a carrier).

For most of us, it's probably a good idea to wait for the Galaxy S10 to be officially unveiled before placing a reservation or a pre-order. If, however, all of the leaked specifications and images have left you convinced that the Galaxy S10 will be the phone for you, then it may not be a bad idea to reserve a phone today to ensure you get it at launch. As always, we'll be covering Samsung's Unpacked event as it happens, so check back here with SlashGear for more on February 20.