Galaxy S10 and beyond: No front camera at all!

Chris Burns - Jun 21, 2018, 2:27 pm CST
Galaxy S10 and beyond: No front camera at all!

Samsung’s plans for the future with the Galaxy S10 are coming on quick – even before the Galaxy Note 9 is fully revealed. What we’re looking at today is a set of plans for a Galaxy smartphone with the potential for more than one display. And before you say it – no, this isn’t the Galaxy X with a folding screen and another screen on its back, this is a completely separate device with two displays – because why not?

The Samsung Galaxy S series has been one of some basic structure over the past half-decade. It’s been pretty much the epitome of “do what works, and do it well” in the Android smartphone industry. Samsung’s been one to experiment, but always with the Samsung Galaxy S as a backup plan. The Galaxy S has always been there as a primary bedrock on which all other smartphones can stand, no matter how weird.

Now might be one of those times when Samsung experiments with the way the device works. Back when the company wanted to introduce the “Edge” display to the world, they did so with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. That device was essentially the same as its closest Galaxy Note brethren, but with a display that cascaded off its right-hand side. Not long after its release, the Galaxy S Edge family was born, and the “Edge” was transformed into the “Infinity Display” all primary Galaxy S and Note devices work with today.

The Samsung Galaxy S and/or Note family might soon be working with a much more expansive set of display spaces. In a patent application Samsung references Sharp’s string of “Aquos Crystal” devices, and the like – this should come as no surprise as edge-less devices of many sorts look largely the same these days. The Samsung smartphone’s ornamental design described by the patent – that’s Patent number US D820,836 S – shows a machine with a near full-face display.

The patent also includes drawings of a backside display – but without claiming said part of this device. This could mean the backside’s design will be revealed as a separate bit of patent application – which makes sense, given it’s unique nature. This sort of back-facing display could well find its way on to a number of other Samsung smartphones and tablets.

The back side of this device could function as a downtime clock – saving battery up front. It could work like a display solely for the purpose of seeing yourself in selfie photos. That’d eliminate the need for a camera up front entirely!

Imagine a world where selfie photos are so extremely central to the lives of consumers that a company like Samsung would include a display at the back of the phone, SOLELY for snapping said photos. That’s the sort of world I’m guessing we’re living in today. Good gracious help us all. The folks at Mobiel Kopen found this patent first, bless them in their searches going forward.

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