Galaxy Note 9 vs 8 Pre-release and tip-based

This morning we're having a peek at the battle we'll be re-addressing in just a few weeks time – that is Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 8. These two devices will roll with extremely similar hardware with a few important adjustments made to the newer of the pair. The newer device comes with the latest in processor and camera technology with a splash of slightly-shorter body finesse.

If the tip we started analyzing yesterday is true, there's little doubt now: The Note 9 isn't herald to a new god. Instead, it's a smartphone that's not too monstrously different from its predecessor. One very major reason – possible reason – for this is the numbering system for the Galaxy devices in general.

When Samsung decided to skip the number 6, they made way for a day in which both the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S smartphone lines would meet at 10. Every year the Galaxy Note was released, it was a number behind the Galaxy S. Galaxy Note 2 came the same year as Galaxy S3, Note 4 was paired with Galaxy S5, and so forth.

When the Galaxy S7 was released, Samsung decided they'd make their move. The last Galaxy Note was 5, this newest Note would be 7. Fast-forward to 2018 and we're at 9 and 9. The Galaxy S9 wasn't majorly different from its predecessor. The Galaxy Note 9 will be shorter than its predecessor by a TINY bit.

Above you'll see a set of specs for the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy Note 8 specs are official, the Galaxy Note 9 specs are based on tips, rumors, and predictions based on precedent. The images you see in this article come from insider Ice Universe.

The latest from Ice is a commentary on the state of Samsung's smartphone designs – a bit of judgement, too. Ice feels that Samsung isn't working to its full potential. What do you think?

We're expecting Samsung to hold an event in July for the Galaxy Note 9. If that holds true, it's safe to assume that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be released inside of August. Previous editions of the Galaxy Note were released later in the year – by a month or more.