Galaxy Note 9 live event times and last details

It's nearly the day and the time of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's big reveal. The 9th of August, 2018 is the day, and the time is 11AM EST. That's also 10AM Central Time, 9 AM Mountain Time, and 8AM Pacific Time. Don't be late, and head down below this paragraph to learn everything that'll be revealed, but leaked now, extra early, if you do so wish.

Today we've run down all the details we're pretty sure about with regards to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – just before the big event. This includes reveal time – that's 10 AM Central, as well as pre-order time – that's within hours or days of the event. There's also the matter of a release date for the United States. It's been tipped, rumored, and straight up spoken aloud that it's likely the 24th is the big day when the Galaxy Note 9 will be released unto the public.

The Galaxy Note 9 is very similar to the Galaxy Note 8 in most respects. Below you'll see a chart we've made which shows the Galaxy Note 8's specs next to those of the Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy Note 8's specs are for certain – that phone's been out for a while. The specs of the Galaxy Note 9 are based on rumors and insider tips – nothing's certain until Samsung reveals all!

Samsung's event is also likely set to reveal the Galaxy Watch – the newest in a line of Android Wear (aka Wear OS) watches from the brand. This is no longer the "Gear", but the Galaxy Watch, a watch that's more attuned to the brand-smart way of releasing devices by big-name brands.

It's likely the Galaxy Note 9 will cost slightly less than $1000 at its least expensive. It's also quite likely Samsung will sell the S Pen – or S Pen replacements – separate from the Galaxy Note 9 so that people can choose their favorite color. That idea is embodied by the Galaxy Note 9 in Blue, as its included S Pen is a rather electric Yellow.

Have a peek at all the most recent leaks and tips in the timeline below, and join us on the 9th of August, 2018, at 10AM Central Time for more action, live in effect. We'll bring you all the news here in the main news feed and in video when the time comes where appropriate! Prepare yourself for the Note 9 deluge!