Galaxy Note 9 display color issue persists [UPDATE: Samsung response]

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There's an update that was released this year for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that turned the device's display... sort green. A very similar issue seemed to appear on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra starting in at around the same time – in April of 2020. Samsung suggested that they were hard at work on the issue for the Galaxy S20 Ultra – but the issue seems to persist.

The Galaxy Note 9 "Display Discoloration & Overheating" issue had new users checking in and reporting similar results as recent as 2 hours before this article was set to publish. Several users reported heading in to a Samsung service center where a full display replacement was recommended, while others reported that they'd had no reply from Samsung on the issue whatsoever.

While the majority of the issues seemed to creep up in April of 2020, some users reported display changes for their Galaxy Note 9 after the March 2020 update. Via the Samsung Galay Note community forum you'll find a link to a Telegram Group where Note 9 users are discussing their efforts to get Samsung to respond.

Other threads were posted as of two weeks ago and the 2nd of July. The latest round seems to be gathered around the June 2020 OS update from Samsung.

UPDATE: Samsung's responded to at least one Galaxy Note 9 user with a message from "Samsung Customer Support." The note included: "We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and would request you to kindly visit your nearby service center once lockdown issue is over, for the physical inspection of your device."

Samsung Customer Support also included, "Please be assured, our team will surely help you with this." They also pointed to a "nearby service center" search system, which can be accessed via a Samsung Service Center "Visit Your Location" list right this minute. Cross your fingers Samsung updates the devices with a software issue fix (if that is indeed the situation) before too many people drop in and get told they need to spend large sums of money to replace their hardware!