Galaxy Note 9 details spilled: Launch in, what's out

This morning a new set of details on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 spilled in South Korea. In this new set of details, some previously assumed bits and pieces are a bit closer to confirmation, and some new elements are discovered. Of course until we get to Samsung's final event for the Galaxy Note 9, we don't know FOR SURE what it'll bring to the table. Until then, we're getting close!

The chart you see below compiles all the bits and pieces we've come to understand about the Galaxy Note 9 thus far. These bits and pieces come from rumors, anonymous tips, and informed assumptions. That last category's nearly shrunk to zero while the other two continue to grow by the day. There's very little we can't pretty confidently bet on at this point!

Above you'll see a chart comparing the Galaxy Note 9 to the Galaxy Note 8. Everything in the Galaxy Note 8 side is confirmed – that device is already out in the wild and there aren't any elements that Samsung's not yet confirmed. The Galaxy Note 9's details are as close as we're able to get without Samsung itself revealing full details.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9's latest revelations come in the form of the under-display fingerprint sensor and the S Pen. The S Pen won't be particularly mind-blowingly different from past models. Samsung seems to have gotten to a point ergonomically where they don't feel like it's worth doing a whole lot more tweaking. Not like the human hand's changed much in the past decade, anyway.

The fingerprint sensor looks like it's going to stay on the back of the phone, while the in-screen or under-screen fingerprint sensor will launch with the Galaxy S10 instead. We're assuming it'll be called Galaxy S10, not SX, because that'd be silly. But you never know!

Launch time is once again up in the air after a report this morning about a last-minute change to the device's display. Have a peek at the link in the timeline below to learn more about why things are changing – and what that'll mean for your pocketbook.