Galaxy Note 9 Bixby button disabled with melted gold (plus 2 more options)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is currently the only device with a button that cannot (by default) be turned away from Bixby. Bixby is Samsung's smart assistant, and it's meant to be a helpful feature on the Galaxy Note 9 – but not all users want it. Much in the spirit of the DIY community at large, a couple of real nice options appeared in the last week for Note 9 owners wishing to disable Bixby completely.

1. Customize Button with bxActions app

There's an app that currently allows remapping of the Bixby button without any specialized developer skills. This app goes by the name bxActions, and it has a free version available at the time this article is set to publish. This app is active as of September 11, 2018, in the Google Play app store, but it might not be active forever.

This app allows you to re-map the single press of the Bixby button's single-press action to Google Assistant. That's the free part. If you're willing to shell out $3, you can do a whole lot more. Single, Double, and Long press can be remapped to a collection of different actions with relative ease.

2. Cut the button, melt in gold

The absolute madman Jerry of JerryRigEverything had a super idea for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's Bixby button. He's not above taking to any device with a few physical tools. You might want to try the app above before you try this method – and you probably should avoid this method entirely unless you, too, are an absolute mad lad.

You'll definitely void your warranty and you'll probably destroy your phone if you try the method shown above. Don't do it, and don't say I didn't warn you. This is for entertainment purposes only.

3. Just Wait

As it was with the Samsung Galaxy S9, so too will it likely be with the Galaxy Note 9. After a while, Samsung will probably release an app and/or setting update that allows the remapping of the button. Not only that, but more apps like we've got in Option 1 are sure to appear in the near future. Anywhere there's profit to be made, there's a developer to fill the void.