Galaxy Note 7 leaked video confirms curved edges

After a brief detour towards flat land, we're now back to curved edge screens. This time not from a still photo or render but from actual moving pictures. The video comes from what is supposedly a testing of a screen protector, probably of the tempered glass type, for the Galaxy Note 7. And, as you might have guessed, it conveniently shows how the side edges of that screen neatly curves down. Which also means a somewhat harder installation of screen protectors such as this.

We still can't be sure it's really the Galaxy Note 7, of course. Telltale signs of its "Note-ness" aren't exactly visible, like the iris scanner on top or even the characteristic S Pen. In fact, most leaked photos don't actually show the stylus, which would have put all, or at least most, doubts to rest.

So the speculation around the true nature of the Galaxy Note 7's screen goes on, though majority have already accepted the curved edge theory. Whether that actually reflects the consensus of the market remains to be seen when the phablet does launch next month. Whether the feature will actually make sense in practice is also something we'll have to wait for.

Of course, the Galaxy Note 7's screen isn't the only feature of note (pun intended). One of the latest not so subtle hints that Samsung itself has dropped is a new UFS removable card, the first of its kind. To support it while not breaking compatibility with the rest of the world, Samsung is expected to put a hybrid UFS/microSD card slot in the Galaxy Note 7. Then there's also the much awaited iris scanner, which will finally make its way to an actual Samsung flagship after years of expectation.

Samsung has marked August 2nd to be the date when all rumors are finally put to rest. It is believed that Samsung might also launch the smartphone on the same day or immediately after, around the 15th, further shortening the gap between unveiling and selling.