Galaxy Note 7 banned on China's flights starting tomorrow

The Galaxy Note 7 has already been banned on flights in many places, including the U.S., and starting tomorrow they'll be banned from flights inside China, too. The announcement was made by China's Civil Aviation Administration, CAAC, which is acting out of concern for safety. The batteries in Galaxy Note 7 handsets are prone to overheating, something that has already happened on one flight and that poses a fire risk.

At this point, all Galaxy Note 7 owners should be returning their phones and getting a different model, whether it's the Galaxy S7 or something else entirely. If you don't, you risk your phone overheating while charging and potentially exploding or catching fire, something that has resulted in injuries and extensive property damage.

Because of the risk, several airlines have already banned bringing the phones onto planes, whether in checked luggage or otherwise. In fact, the issue spurred more airlines to add fire-proof bags to airplanes for situations such as this, a trend that started before the Galaxy Note 7 recall.

Samsung initially pulled the first iteration of Note 7 devices and issued replacement items a short while later. Those replacement items also began overheating, however, and the company soon elected to pull the device off the market. The most recent reports indicate that Samsung still has not solved the mystery of why its devices are overheating.

SOURCE: Reuters