Galaxy Note 20 "flat" model may be best value yet

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will likely bring fans back to a time when the original Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was first released. Back then, it was the Galaxy Note line that first brought about the "Infinity Display" revolution for Samsung. Back then, the "Edge" only rolled down the right side of the phone. Now, it would seem, Samsung's ready to release two more Note devices, one with an Infinity (curved) display panel, and another without.

If you're a big fan of actually utilizing the S Pen (stylus) on your Samsung Galaxy Note device, you may've noticed that you can't realistically work with the entire panel. Once you get to one of the longest sides, your S Pen slips. It's like ice-skating on a pond with two sides that are frozen waterfalls. The other two sides (top and bottom) are fine – there you find bezels.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung is apparently planning on releasing at least two models. According to the latest comment from serial Samsung leaker Ice Universe, the Galaxy Note 20 is effectively a Note 20 "lite" device. It's specifications are significantly different from those of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The biggest deal for IU is not the camera power, or the abilities of the S Pen. It's the curved screen and the narrow bezel. For those users wishing to fully utilize the latest in S Pen technology (without buying a Galaxy Tab or otherwise S Pen friendly tablet), the choice will be clear. If we've got a Galaxy Note 10 with curved edges, a Galaxy Note 20 with a flat display and wider bezels, or a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with curved edges, the price/value proposition will drop to the least two expensive devices.

Last year's Note is generally the best way to keep up-to-date with Galaxy Note S Pen technology at the best possible price, but here, that may change. With the Galaxy Note 20, assuming they price the device below the starting price of the Galaxy Note 10's launch price, we might have the best value proposition in a Galaxy Note... ever.

Here's crossing our fingers that the device also has a headphone jack, a microSD card slot, a removable battery, and wireless charging capabilities. Can you even imagine such a masterpiece here in 2020? UPDATE: There's also a pretty good chance we'll see 120Hz image refresh rate on the display, regardless of model – we'll see!

It's expected that the Samsung Unpacked 2020 virtual event where this device will be revealed is August 5th, 2020. The release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and family is rumored to be August 20, 2020. That'll also include the Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 5G and the Galaxy Fold 2, as well as the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+.