Your Galaxy Note 10 may replace all your other gadgets

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 just revealed itself as a contender for the longstanding ultimate goal of the smartphone form factor. That ultimate goal is to replace not only mobile phones and landlines, but to replace the home computer. Samsung's been preparing for this accomplishment in incremental feature additions to smartphones each generation since well over a decade ago. Is it time, at last?

Samsung's gotten closer to replacing all devices in a single device than pretty much any other company. For those users that regularly require access to desktop machines as well as mobile machines, it would seem that Samsung's most powerful smartphone of the year, each year, would be the device one would seek.

In the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung got pretty close. We did a Galaxy Note 9 Samsung DeX Review in November of 2018. Back then, there were limits. There are always going to be limits until mobile processors are as powerful as those delivered in notebooks. There's also the mouse and keyboard situation – which isn't super great at the moment.

With the latest update/advertisement from Samsung, we see the Galaxy Note 10 teased for their next big event. They've teased this device before – it's almost certainly going to be revealed on August 8, 2019. The release date will likely fall in late August, 2019.

Instead of aiming for the "you can game anywhere" crowd, Samsung seems to be preparing for the business user. The Galaxy Note 9 is certainly a business-oriented sort of device, it being the best replacement for the original PALM Pilot on the market today, but in this they promise more. They promise a device that can replace multiple devices.

In this, Samsung teases the ultimate smartphone, attainer of the ultimate goal. If what we've learned about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 thus far is entirely accurate, they've got a pretty good shot at knocking out multiple devices – but the laptop? We'll just see about that, just as soon as Samsung delivers a decent mouse and keyboard.