Galaxy Nexus uses same NXP NFC solution as Nexus S

This week it was revealed by none other than NXP that they were the ones that have been in the Nexus S from Samsung powering its NFC component and will also be in the Galaxy Nexus, they therefore providing the NFC for both Google hero devices. This isn't a gigantic deal for those of you that just want your devices to work, not caring about what's deeply embedded in the devices to make them work so spectacularly, but for the Android need-to-know crowd out there, you'll need to know this: the same NXP PN65N solution used in the Nexus S will now be used on the Galaxy Nexus.

Take heed, Android lovers, because not only will this component be working with you for NFC (aka Near Field Communication) for your Google Wallet, but with the brand new Ice Cream Sandwich feature known as Android Beam. You can find out more about Google Wallet in our hands-on look of the application that came out for Nexus S a few weeks ago and Android Beam in two separate places. We first found out about Android Beam at the introduction to the Galaxy Nexus in Hong Kong last month, then just last week we published a Q and A session with several Android authorities that had them speaking a bit more in-depth about the possibilities with the service for developers in the field.

NXP notes that the PN65N has an embedded Secure Element which has the same proven track record as the NXP security solutions found in already deployed bank cards, electronic passports, and transportation and ticketing solutions. The PN65N is "pin-to-pin compatible" with the PN65N NFC radio controller that'll give manufacturers the choice to design their future products with or without the secure element. Of course we know that the Galaxy Nexus WILL have that secure element in place, this allowing Google to securely offer Google Wallet to the masses.

[via NXP]