Galaxy Nexus appears in Samsung site search results

It appears that there must have been nothing the team at could have done to avoid an early outing of the search results for "Galaxy Nexus" as the listing has appeared for all to see just hours before its official unveiling in Hong Kong. Anyone who might have a try can right this minute search for either "Galaxy Nexus" or "Nexus Prime" over at Samsung and the "Best Match" result will be the "Galaxy Nexus from Verizon." Oh what's that? Verizon, there you are!

The other new bit you can glean from this early outing is the fact that the back of the device looks QUITE similar to what we've seen recently on the Galaxy S II versions here in the USA and that the Ice Cream Sandwich build might well be coming with the Google+ app right out of the box. Will we start seeing the Google+ app in all future Google-certified Android builds? I think anyone asking foretellers of the future might well be getting the answer yes, mark my words.

This is the first time we've seen this stack of back, front, and side of the device in this manner — note also that this is the first time we get to see the left side of the device. You'll notice a volume controller in the upper portion, right where it is for the Galaxy S II. There seems to be no physical Android buttons on this device, the back, home, and menu buttons sitting inside the display, and the camera on the back of the device seems to have just a single LED flash, the flash sitting below the lens.

See you at 10PM EST here on SlashGear in the Ice Cream Sandwitch portal – be there!

– Thanks for the tip, Michael!

[via Search Results on Samsung]