Galaxy Fold 2 will get a bigger charger for a smaller battery

A lot of focus is being poured on the Galaxy Note 20 even though it won't be the only thing Samsung will reveal next month. That may be understandable considering it will be the more "normal" of the two. The Galaxy Fold 2 will, of course, be a head turner but its price tag will surely be a downer as well. That said, Samsung may have one more upgrade planned for its third foldable phone, one that is almost ironic considering it cut down its battery a bit.

According to the Chinese 3C certification spotted by SamMobile, a certain Samsung SM-F9160 will be getting travel charger rated at 9V and 2.27A or 11V and 2.25A. Doing the usual computation, you'll end up with a 25W travel charger for a phone that's believed to be the Galaxy Fold 2.

That's quite an upgrade from the charger that came with the first Galaxy Fold, a measly 15W brick. Of course, Apple has long been shipping 5W chargers with its iPhones but Samsung and other Android phone makers have been shipping fast and even super-fast chargers for years now as well. The 25-watt charger, in particular, is a staple on Samsung's high-end phones since last year.

One would think that a faster charger would go hand-in-hand with a larger battery but the Galaxy Fold 2's battery is actually smaller than its predecessor, albeit just by a bit. The 2,275 mAh and 2,090 mAh batteries together make up 4,365 mAh, a slight step down from the Galaxy Fold's 4,800 mAh. The actual capacity might even be lower but, hopefully, it was done to make room for more hardware or features.

Of course, the Galaxy Fold 2 will also be consuming more power due to those same new features, including a Snapdragon 865 (or 865+) with 5G support and hopefully larger screens both on the inside and outside. Hopefully, the battery will be able to keep up with the power demands but, if it can't, it at least has a faster charger to make up for it.