Galaxy A9 packing Snapdragon 620 spied on GeekBench

A few tidbits about the Samsung Galaxy A9 smartphone have leaked out over the last several months. New hard evidence of the device has now turned up in the form of some benchmarks captured on GeekBench. The A9 that put down the benchmarks carries model number SM-A9000.

Benchmarks show that the smartphone uses a Snapdragon 620 SoC (MSM8976). That chipset has four Cortex A72 cores and four Cortex A53 cores. That chipset racked up a benchmark score of 1446 points for single core and 4134 points in multicore.

Other tidbits that can be gleaned for the benchmarks include 2758MB of RAM and that the device runs Android 5.1.1 out of the box. The new smartphone is expected to turn up soon and will be part of an entire A-series line.

We have seen benchmarks for the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 turn up in the past few months. The other A-series device that has been seen is the Galaxy A8. The A3 benchmarks show that it uses an Exynos 7580 SoC while the A5 uses and Exynos 7 SoC. The A8 is using a Snapdragon S615. This latest round of benchmarks for the Galaxy A9 doesn't show specs like screen size and internal storage.