Galarian Slowking makes for the best Pokemon GO Halloween

Today we're taking a peek at what's about to launch in Pokemon GO for Halloween 2021. This month, October of 2021, has a bunch of events, releases, and research the likes of which we've not seen in years. Just today we've been gifted a teaser from Niantic about one of the most exciting NEW Pokemon to launch in the game – here, this month, for the first time ever!

According to Niantic, "we've heard reports of mysterious chanting deep in the wild... What's going on?" They posted the image you see below with this message – showing the silhouette of none other than Galar Slowking (or Galarian, if you wish).

Where standard Slowking is Water and Psychic-type, the Galarian Slowking is POISON and Psychic. One might assume he's a Dark or Ghost-type by the looks of him – but his MAIN types are, indeed, Poison and Psychic. At the same time, moves in the code for the game suggest this monster will have access to Psychic, Poison, and Ghost moves.

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The best moveset for PVP with Galarian Slowking is HEX (Ghost) with Shadow Ball (Ghost) and/or Future Sight (Psychic). If you can't get those, try Confusion (Psychic) and Sludge Wave (Poison).

Unfortunate for this terrifying-looking Pokemon, there really isn't a great combination of elements for fighting in any Pokemon league. Instead, taking the time to access a Zarude might be better here in October of 2021. Maxed-out Zarude in Master League is a winner with Vine Whip and Power Whip (or Dark Pulse if no Power Whip is available).

We don't yet know the exact release date of Galarian Slowking in Pokemon GO. But if we had to bet, the start of Pokemon GO Halloween 2021 might be a good place to start. Pokemon GO Halloween starts on Friday, October 15, 2021 at 10AM local time.