G-Form Extreme Portfolio for iPad 2 Review

The portfolio case you're about to see is so hardcore that it can carry essentially any 10-inch tablet from here to outer space and plummet back to the ground with the tablet unharmed. This case is the baddest mother to have come out on the case circuit since the launch of the original iPad, having so much padding that you'll struggle to find a way to do the protection justice. This is the G-Form Extreme Portfolio, and if you put your iPad in it, start a movie up, toss it out of your car off of a bridge onto a rocky ground below, you'll also be able to find it easily because it's BRIGHT yellow – and it won't have been damaged either – your movie will still be rolling.

This case is 11 inches tall, 9 inches wide, and 1 inch deep, it weighing in at 1.25 points on its own, so it's not exactly the most tiny case in the land. It's not made for your briefcase, it's not made to be used with your day to day school backpack (everyone knows that's already full to the brim with textbooks anyway, right?) Instead you'll be tossing any sort of 10-inch tablet you've got in here, be it your Samsung Galaxy Tab, your Acer Iconia Tab A500, your HP TouchPad, or even your Motorola XOOM, and bringing it mountain climbing.

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Have a peek at what this case actually looks like in the hands-on video above, then feel free to check out the most impressive of all the many ultra-amazing drops that this case has gone through below. This video shows the case carrying an iPad and being dropped from 100,000 feet above the earth. Can you guess what happens when it hits the ground?

As with all G-Form products, this case is not a guarantee that you device will go completely unharmed. Instead what's included in your limited warrantee is a guarantee that the case itself will hold up (this basically implying that the contents will hold up too, but still.) So when you do have this case, it's probably better not to try to skewer your pad with a spike or anything like that. Have fun, but don't go completely crazy. As G-Form notes:

Please Note: We're happy that some of our customers' electronics have survived their testing of our Extreme products, but we don't encourage or recommend intentionally dangerous stunts, and although we are confident that G-Form provides the best protection available, we can't guarantee your electronics from damage from any specific drop or impact in our Extreme products whether accidental or intentional.  The terms of our limited warranty and liability disclaimer can be found here, and as you can see it covers your portfolio but not your personal property/electronics whether inside or outside!

So our final judgement is this: truly this case is a sight to behold, and we'd bet that there's nothing we could do to destroy the iPad held within. That said, we're not going to go out and toss it under a semi-truck just to prove G-Form wrong, so the real test is this: is there any real function to this case other than ultra-protection? Sure! You could use this when traveling to ensure your pad doesn't get damaged in a bag of rocks, or you could, as I mention above, take this case mountain climbing or biking, or you could potentially use it when you're camping. The outer bits of the case are rather squishy and feel nice when pressed against your face – why not use it as a pillow?

Other than that, the sheer bulk included here takes out the possibility that you'll be using this on a regular day-to-day basis. If you work as a gladiator, on the other hand, you'll be golden! You can purchase this case from G-Form right this second in their online shop for $89.95.