Fusion Garage's JooJoo Still Out of Customer's Hands

Did you pre-order the JooJoo? We're going to go on a limb and say: "We hope not." It doesn't look like Fusion Garage is having very good luck, and truth be told, it's probably not going to get any better for the company. After all, those who have pre-ordered the JooJoo, don't have them. And yes, we're talking about all 90 of them. What, that number seems low? We couldn't agree more.

According to some public documents, it looks like there was only 90 pre-orders made. And yes, if you're assuming that the majority of sales are made in the initial shipments, you'd probably be right. With only 90 pre-orders, it doesn't look like the JooJoo is going to really go anywhere. We might even say that the device is Dead On Arrival (DOA). If that's not bad enough, there was 15 of the devices actually returned. We imagine that may have something to do with the slow release, and delays, and whatever else that may shy people away from the product.

However, that's not stopping Fusion Garage from preaching that things are going well. According to the company, the number of models that have shipped are sitting in Los Angeles right now, held up by some nonsense in Customs. But, it looks like Fusion Garage is trying to get those devices into people's hands by April 1st — at the longest, April 2nd. We understand that the company is trying to salvage their name, but it may be too late for that. With only 90 models pre-ordered, it looks like people may not have even cared enough from the first place. Did any of you out there pre-order it? If so, did you cancel, or are you still patiently waiting to get your very own JooJoo?

[via Engadget]