Full Rocket League planned for mobile devices, like Fortnite

Rocket League plans were leaked this week courtesy of the Epic Games vs Apple court case. In a document called "Epic Games Presentation on 2021 Plans", a whole bunch of Rocket League data was delivered. Two different sorts of Rocket League will be appearing on mobile devices, including Rocket League "2D" and a "next-generation client with full game experience across all platforms, including mobile."

If Epic can bring Fortnite to mobile devices, why not Rocket League? In the documentation leaked this week, it was shown that Epic has plans for a mobile Alpha and Beta "long before it's released on other platforms." It's also suggested that this Mobile Beta will appear in Q2 of 2021. That means we could very possibly see Rocket League on mobile devices by the end of June, 2021.

It's also shown that there'll be a Rocket League "rebuilt for touch controls." This version of the game appears to be more of a side-scroll situation, with a shared social graph with console and PC game friend lists and cross-platform gameplay. This is a different release from the multiple 3rd-party initiatives also called Rocket League 2D.

This 2D version (AKA what became Rocket League Sideswipe) is different from the 3D version, and it would appear that both versions were in development at the same time. The documentation appears "contributed by The Verge" and was almost certainly part of the court proceedings happening this week. It's POSSIBLE that the Psyonix/Epic plans outlined in the document could have changed since the document was first made – but we're crossing our fingers for the multi-game, multi-platform future it appears to depict.

What other games have you played on PC or console that you believe should (potentially) be available on your mobile device? We're talking full-powered, native, ready to roll, not just streamed. Is it time we start talking about considering mobile devices as one of the default platforms for all games as they're developed for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation?