Full Apple TV+ M Night Shyamalan Servant trailer released: Watch all 7 clues

Chris Burns - Nov 6, 2019, 11:22am CST
Full Apple TV+ M Night Shyamalan Servant trailer released: Watch all 7 clues

A terrifying new vision from M. Night Shyamalan called ‘Servant’ is coming to Apple TV+ in November of 2019. Servant is a streaming, episodic series. This production looks every bit like a big-budget movie, the likes of which M. Night Shyamalan’s created before, but it’s going to come with 10 episodes. Or it’ll have 10 episodes to start – we’ll see.

In the trailer you’re going to see a couple of twists right out the gate. One twist is that the baby is not alive. It’s an incredibly lifelike doll the likes of which you’ll find unsettling, no matter your situation. This is a warning before you watch – the “baby” is picked up by the father by the feet, and they speak about the baby in a very disturbing manner. It’s going to unsettle your brain, almost no matter what.

This series features actors like S.J. Son as Wanda, Lauren Ambrose as Dorothy Turner, Toby Kebbell as Sean Turner, and Nell Tiger Free as Leanne Grayson. The always-familiar Rupert Grint is in this series as a character called Julian Pearce.

NOTE: You’ll also find a series of clips in this article that were previously posted by Apple for Servant. That makes seven videos – seven clues to unravel the mystery before the show is released – let’s see what we can do!

The main trailer makes it seem like we’re going to be watching a sort of haunted house/supernatural force horror series, but the cast list would suggest something slightly more odd is at play. In the list we see the following characters:

• Pageant Mom
• Beauty Advisor (yes that’s a character title)
• Baptism Guest
• FBI Tactical Agent
• FBI Tactical Officer
• Reporter
• Background
• Bike Messenger

Below you’ll see another clip from the series. This is just as disturbing as that. Don’t go into these clips expecting American Horror Story… or do whatever you want, I’m not your dad.

And there’s another clip below – and another. It’s almost as if Apple’s decided they want to give you the entire series in tiny peek clip form. Or to subvert your expectations as much as possible.

Oh and here’s a clip just about the baby – of course! Why not make a bunch about the baby. The most unsettling baby I’ve ever seen.

The M. Night Shyamalan production ‘Servant’ will be released to Apple TV+ on November 28, 2019. There’ll be 10 episodes to start. At least two of these episodes will be directed by M. Night Shyamalan, and at least one will be directed by Lisa Brühlmann. The series is created by and written by Tony Basgallop. Music in this series was created by Trevor Gureckis, and it’s going to rattle your brains from start to finish.

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