Fujitsu Stylistic Slate gets a thorough thumbing

Ah, my favourite cam-whore Kevin C. Tofel (the 'C' is for coquettish) has been gurning at his lens again, this time parading the slender powerhouse that is the Fujitsu Stylistic ST5112 Slate Tablet PC around and praising its twiddly bits.  After a good poke around the various ports and such, Kevin demonstrates Skype (taking advantage of the dual-mic array), the viewing angle of the screen and the various hardware controls (including buttons and biometrics)

If you've got the time (nigh on three-quarters of an hour) and the bandwidth (242mb in WMV; YouTube version coming later) then it's a fantastic exploration of a very tempting device.  There's little doubt that slate-style Tablet PCs are the sexiest incarnation of current pen-computing, and Fujitsu's combination of minimalist design and performance grunt make this a serious competitor in the market.

jkOTR Mobile Media Edition 29: Fujitsu's Stylistic ST5112 slate Tablet [jkontherun]