Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 promo: Our Win7 tablet is as obvious as a hammer [Video]

A video demo of Fujitsu's Stylistic Q550 tablet has been released, and the company seems pretty keen to differentiate the slate from other Windows 7 machines. According to director of mobile product Meinolf Althaus, Fujitsu's custom UI attempts to mimic the usability of a hammer: not in that you have to thump it, but in that you automatically recognize how to interact with the tablet, rather than needing to remember what does what.Video demo after the cut

Meanwhile content creation also gets some attention, being more like a stack of LEGO – i.e. you can actually produce documents – than a slab of chocolate. Meinolf does love content consumption, mind. The eagle-eyed might spot what looks to be a QWERTY keyboard dock in some of the sketches on the wall behind him.

Finally, rather than a scratchy kitchen scouring pad, the Stylistic Q550 will be like a soft scarf – somewhere welcoming and warm, thanks to the overlay showing a day-to-day pane of widgets, calendars, RSS feeds and more. We'll have to actually wait and see how well the Fujitsu holds up in day to day use, but we definitely give the company credit for stepping out of the ordinary when it comes to their promos.

[via Notebook Italia]