Fujitsu P27T-6 IPS display shows 1bn colors; E, B & P LCD lines updated to LED

Chris Davies - Nov 15, 2010
Fujitsu P27T-6 IPS display shows 1bn colors; E, B & P LCD lines updated to LED

Fujitsu has refreshed its display range, switching wholesale to LED backlighting and offering some particularly high-spec models for graphics mavens. The new E Line, B Line and P Line displays kick off from the affordable, with the 22-inch E22W-6 LED, move through mainstream 19- and 22-inch models, B19-6 LED, B22W-6 LED proGREEN and B22W-6 LED, with four port USB hubs and height-adjustable stands, and then the 23-, 24- and 27-inch P23T-6 IPS, P24W-6 IPS and P27T-6 IPS capable of showing up to one billion colors.

The Fujitsu P27T-6 IPS, for instance, has an IPS panel capable of showing 1.07bn colors – 102-percent of the NTSC color gamut – and has 3.7m pixels. It runs at 2560 x 1440 resolution and has DisplayPort, two HDMI, DualLink DVI and VGA inputs; Fujitsu reckons it offers some 80 percent more colors and pixels than a Full HD 40-inch TV set.

The P Line displays also support Auto Pivot, rotating the screen orientation automatically if you flip the panel from landscape to portrait orientation; the B Line models can also be rotated, but you’ll need to adjust the screen orientation manually. No word on pricing at this stage, but all of the new displays will begin shipping this month. Full specs at the links below.

Press Release:

Fujitsu Boosts LED Display Portfolio with New Models

Updated portfolio offers widest range of displays options, combining performance with power savings

Munich, November 15, 2010
Fujitsu today announced that it is the first mainstream vendor to complete the migration to LED backlighting for all of its display lines, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to environmental benefits and innovation. In updating its P, B and E Line displays to LED (light emitting diode) lighting, Fujitsu is the first vendor to complete the migration to a complete portfolio of mercury-free displays.

End-users will appreciate the deeper contrasts and lower energy demands from LED displays. All Fujitsu display lines now use LED backlighting, meaning a reduction in power consumption to up to 30 percent less than even the latest ENERGY STAR requirements.

Comfort features are prominent across the entire refreshed Fujitsu display line up. Designed for fatigue-free all-day working, the displays deliver new levels of outstanding picture brilliance through ultra-high contrast, and easy On Screen Display set-up. All three new series, the E Line, B Line and P Line, also feature Fujitsu’s environmentally-friendly ECO key and a status LED confirming their switch to power-saving mode.

With the different lines now all using LED technology, Fujitsu has the right display for every requirement, from all-round to superior. For standard business users looking for a cost-efficient option, the new E Line displays offer great value all-round performance for everyday office life, while also providing optimized picture and energy-saving features.

For more intensive office use, Fujitsu has further enhanced the specification of its advanced B Line displays, which provide a smooth and comfortable viewing experience. Users can be certain of finding a comfortable and healthy working position thanks to the flexible, height adjustable stand, while four USB interfaces provide a convenient way to connect for external devices. Thanks to Fujitsu’s DisplayView software tool, businesses can extend their PC manageability software to cover displays – as end-users’ displays can be reset or adjusted remotely, while LED lighting cuts power consumption.

Best-in-class adjustability is a hallmark of Fujitsu’s new P and B Lines, which both add height-adjustable stands and Pivot – Auto-Pivot for the P Line – allowing the displays to be used in portrait format.

At the top of the range, the superior segment P Line displays are ideal for power users who need ultimate graphics performance, thanks to the ability to show up to 1 Billion colors and 3.7 million pixels (P27) – some 80 percent more than a Full HD 40-inch TV set. P Line displays also offer rich features to meet specific requirements of graphic artists and medical professionals, such as optimized grey scale performance. The D-Mode key selects a factory-preset Gamma curve optimized according to the DICOM grayscale standard, making even the finest grayscale variations easy to spot. This delivers a picture quality that makes it possible to replace expensive diagnostic displays for many medical review environments.

Fujitsu’s proven energy saving solutions also feature in the P Line including 0-Watt in off-mode, Eco system and Auto Brightness Control.

Rajat Kakar, Vice President Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions says: “Whatever the IT system, the display is truly the front end. Businesses who want comfortable viewing performance and power savings will find both in Fujitsu’s updated display line. By migrating to LED backlight technology, we are committing to high environmental and performance standards. In addition to lowered power consumption, LED displays offer a long life cycle, underlining reliability and reducing environmental waste.”

Fujitsu’s new displays are available in the CEMEA & I region, and can be ordered immediately, with delivery starting in mid-November.

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