Fujitsu M2010 netbook gets standard Bluetooth

Fujitsu have announced their M2010 netbook, a 10.1-inch Intel Atom N270-based ultraportable with up to 2GB of RAM, standard Bluetooth and a claimed 50-second start-up into Windows XP Home.  The company is aiming the M2010 at the educational market, with what's said to be a more durable build to cope with kids. 

According to Fujitsu, the M2010 has "three USB ports rather than the standard two ports", which seems a bit inaccurate to us as most netbooks we've ever written about also have three.  Still, it's obviously getting tough differentiating your netbook from the rest of the crowd, so we'll give the M2010 a little kudos for its digital microphone.

Otherwise it's business as usual, and the $449 price-tag for a 1GB machine with 3-cell battery (good for 2.5hrs runtime) looks more than we'd want to spend.  You can pick up a 6-cell battery for a whopping $129, and it and the M2010 are available to order now.

[via GottaBeMobile]