Fujitsu Lifebook series gets cool new features

Fujitsu has announced that it has added some cool new features to its line of new Lifebook notebook computers. The new features are implemented across the entire Lifebook line and the cool features will appeal to those that use their notebooks a lot. Fujitsu says that it is focusing on usability and making sure that its machines are as user friendly as possible to make working on the machines as easy as possible.

The new features include anytime USB charge that allows the notebook to recharge devices like smartphones that charge via USB allowing travelers to leave their charges at home of the other devices. Fujitsu doesn't spell out what is special about the USB ports in the release, presumably they will charge the USB devices even when the computer is off. The line of notebooks also uses a new 0-watt AC adapter. The design of the adapter allows the charger to turn off when the battery is fully charged to save power and be greener and to protect the batteries from overcharging.

Another interesting feature is a new ScrollWheel that is located next to the touch pad on the machines. The wheel is designed to make navigation easier for scrolling documents and web pages up and down. It's not a wheel like you see on a mouse, but another small indented section similar to the track pad. The line of notebooks will also support Intel Wireless Display WiDi tech to connect wirelessly to a display or projector. The machines will also have a modular drive bay that can be fitted with a second HDD, optical drive, or that cool new bay projector we have talked about before.

[via Fujitsu]