Fujitsu Lifebook 4 Life offers new laptops every 3yrs to warranty buyers

Fujitsu UK have kicked off a tempting promotion called Lifebook 4 Life.  Buy any Lifebook S, T, E, Q or P notebook, take out a three-year warranty and, at the end of that period, they'll replace your laptop with a new one.  In fact you can keep doing that every three years.

Fujitsu will even take into account inflation, giving you an extra 10-percent each cycle.  So, spend £1,000 on a laptop this year, and in three years time you can get one priced at £1,100.  It's not entirely clear, but I'm assuming you also have to take out another three-year warranty for the replacement; also, upgrades must be official Fujitsu ones.

You can buy up to ten notebooks per person or business.  If you're prone to tinkering with your notebook, or are averse to extended warranties, this likely isn't the scheme for you; however, if you usually opt for three years of coverage then it might be worth taking a look at the Lifebook range.  Fujitsu's insurance premium varies with the notebook's value: three years for a machine under £600 is £99, a machine £601 to £1,000 is $119 and one £1,001 to £1,700 is £159.  The Lifebook 4 Life scheme is open until March 31st, 2009.

[via OhGizmo]