Fujitsu F-07C Windows 7 smartphone gets official launch date of July 23

The last time I mentioned the Fujitsu F-07C smartphone that is destined for NTT DOCOMO in Japan we were missing a few pertinent facts about the device. The big fact we were missing was when exactly the smartphone would hit the Japanese market. Fujitsu has offered that important fact for us now. The F-07C will hit Japan on July 23, which is tomorrow if you are counting.

Fujitsu is still mum on the pricing for the smartphone though so you will need to check tomorrow to see what the phone sells for. The F-07C still has some interesting features like the ability to run Windows 7 and Symbian on the same device. Fujitsu is calling the smartphone the world's smallest PC. The smartphone uses an Intel Atom processor and has the full version of IE 9 browser installed.

The smartphone also ships with a 2-year license for Office Personal 2010. The QWERTY keyboard on the smartphone will let you thumb type away. The screen is a 4-inch unit with a resolution of 1024 x 600. The phone also has security features that allow it to be remotely locked if lost. The processor is an Atom Z600 running at 1.2GHz. The front camera is 0.32MP and the rear is a 5.1MP resolution camera. Main memory is 1GB and it stores to a 32GB eMMC SSD.