Fujitsu 2011 tablet gets second outing [Video]

Chris Davies - Nov 25, 2010
Fujitsu 2011 tablet gets second outing [Video]

Fujitsu has been talking more about its tablet plans for 2011, with a mock-up on show at Visit 2010 this week. Having shown off a couple of concepts last month – this appears to be one of them wheeled out for a second time – Fujitsu still aren’t talking much in the way of specifications, but are promising a 10.1-inch screen and “best-in-class visibility from all sides and angles.”

Video demo after the cut

The company is pretty keen to point out that they’re not “re-entering” the tablet market, but that in fact they’ve been offering slates all along. Their Stylistic range hasn’t had much attention in recent months, but the new versions will go on sale along side them, rather than replacing them.

As for target audience, it’s all a little vague. Fujitsu says it’s looking at “global usability in corporate environments” with a device that will “blend in to corporate IT infrastructures” which makes it sound like an HP Slate 500 competitor (which also runs Windows 7), but then it goes on to say it’s “targeting prosumers and creative users alike who are looking for a stylish slate to assist with their daily tasks – as a one-of-a-kind business and personal companion.” Mixed messages, but there’s plenty of time to figure that out before the tablet(s) arrive early next year.

[via Notebook Italia]

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