Fujisoft PALRO Humanoid Shows That Remembers Places and Things on Video

Back in February, Fujisoft's PALRO humanoid got shown off in a nice little video. While the little guy may not be the most advanced of its kind, that's certainly not from a lack of trying. At this point, PALRO can now dance, walk, look around, and even listen to its surroundings. And yes, it can even speak a few words, here and there. But, a few tweaks to the system, and now the little robot can even remember where things are, and even where it has been.

The little PALRO stands at 40cm, and weighs only 1.6kg. On the robot, you'll find 5 microphones, 20 joints, integrated WiFi, and even a 3MP camera. In the pair of videos you can watch below, people behind the camera interact with PALRO much like they would an animal. In the first video, you see as the little humanoid stands in a certain area, and "remembers" that this is the spot where he usually dances. When PALRO asks if it should start dancing again, and the person behind the camera says it should, it follows instructions.

In the next video, PALRO remembers that the pink ball he usually plays with has been brought back for some fun. The little guy even calls out, "This is the pink ball I like so much!" Thanks to the technology implanted into PALRO, along with the hardware utilized, it proves that even the smallest of robots can be designed to be pretty advanced, and interact with those around it in such a way that it's actually enjoyable.

[via CrunchGear]