Fujin "lens" vacuum pulls dust from DSLRs

You might have seen the "How to clean your Canon Mark 2" video that has been making its way around the Internet the past couple days. While that is definitely an example of what not to do, there is an alternative option that won't turn your equipment into a makeshift water bottle.

A couple of companies (one Chinese, the other Japanese) have produced a vacuum shaped like a lens that fits onto DSLR cameras (in this case, only Canon cameras are applicable for now). The accessory is designed to pull dust out of the camera and off of the sensor.

Information is sparse, but how it works is pretty straight-forward regardless: attach the "lens" to your DSLR and turn it on. It will work like a vacuum, pulling air — and, by proxy, dust — from your device's body, keeping it from clogging up with debris.

It appears the device costs the equivalent of about $35 USD, and it isn't being sold in the US. It isn't clear from the website whether you can get international shipping, but if you've brushed up on your Japanese, you might be able to import it if you're really eager.

VIA: Canon Watch