Fujifilm X70 appears in registry: January debut anticipated

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 17, 2015, 3:00pm CST
Fujifilm X70 appears in registry: January debut anticipated

The Fujifilm X70, an anticipated new camera that surfaced in rumors earlier this summer, has appeared in a registration filing in China, stoking rumors that we’ll be seeing the camera officially announced early next year — possibly in January. The X70, according to reports, will be a smaller and less expensive followup to the maker’s X100S camera model.

News about the Fujifilm X70 first surfaced in June of this year via Fuji Rumors, which reported that it got information about the camera from a Japanese source. According to that source, Fujifilm decided to proceed with the model, and that it would be including a new lens on the camera.

Now, thanks to a listing spotted by the Japanese website Digicame-info, the camera appears more real than ever, with a model by the X70 name being registered with a Chinese agency by Fujifilm Corporation.

The registration was for “radio wave authentication” according to reports. Given the registration, it is reasonable to assume we’ll be seeing the camera in an official announcement very soon as a result. Specifications about the model are still largely missing, excepting that it will be small and will (probably) not have an electronic view finder.

SOURCE: Photo Rumors

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