Fujifilm instax Link WIDE smartphone printer creates instant photographs

Most people of a certain age probably have albums full of Polaroid instant photos from the 80s and 90s showing holidays and other events. Those Polaroid instant cameras spat out photographs that you could watch develop right in front of your eyes. Most people today take photographs using their smartphone, and Fujifilm has a new smartphone printer that makes it easy to get photographs you take from your smartphone in a physical format immediately.The printer is called the instax Link WIDE, and it takes images from the smartphone and prints them on wide-format film that Fujifilm says is twice the size of regular card-sized instax prints. The original instax mini Link printer produced high-quality images that measured 86mm x 54mm utilizing a dedicated app via Bluetooth. The new instax Link WIDE creates 86mm x 108mm images and utilizes a new Link WIDE app that will launch along with the printer.

Along with the printer comes a new type of film supporting the wide-format images called BLACK. The film puts a black border around each image taken. The app offers various functions for users to enjoy allowing the user to add "instax-Natural" mode to the printed photographs that adds a soft touch to them. The app also has another mode called instax-Rich for producing richer colors.

The app's QR Print mode generates a QR code for a voice message, text message, location data, website URL, and other information that is incorporated directly into the photograph. Users can also utilize the Editable Template function of the app to choose from 29 design templates for various events, with colors and fonts for the templates being editable.

Fujifilm is also launching accessories along with the printer, including a Wide Album and an acrylic photo frame for storing and displaying instax Link WIDE photographs. The printer and the BLACK film will launch on October 22 with no mention of pricing at this time.