Fuji introduces FinePix S8400W with Wi-Fi

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 22, 2013
Fuji introduces FinePix S8400W with Wi-Fi

The folks over at Fujifilm have officially launched the company’s new S8400W, a long-zoom camera offering 44x optical zoom, full high-definition video recording, and wireless transfer capabilities. All of these features are wrapped up in a compact prosumer camera body that has a dSLR-like design with the conveniences of a point-and-shoot device. You can check out a gallery of the camera after the jump.

First up is the long-zoom, which is one of the camera’s biggest claims to fame. The S8400W features optical image stabilization to help ensure that images come out sharp even when the zoom is being utilized to its maximum. This is on top of an autofocus speed of 0.3-seconds and a half-second interval between images.

The S8400W features a BSI-CMOS 16-megapixel sensor and offers a high ISO of up to 12,800. The camera has a rapid start-up speed of a single second, helping ensure that, in combination with the fast autofocus and optical image stablization, you get the image you want just as it happens. Taking advantage of this hardware, this FinePix camera also have an outstanding burst mode, which allows photographers to take shots at 60 frames-per-second at a resolution of 1280 x 960 and 120fps at half that resolution.

The S8400W’s video recording capabilites are also excellent, with the camera offering filming options that appeal to many different types of photographers, including those heavily involved in video projects. This camera offers 1080i video capture at a maximum frame rate of 60fps, as well as the ability to record in slow-motion at a very high 480 frames-per-second.

No word yet on pricing.

[via Fujifilm]

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