French magazine deciphered Canon’s Destined Evolution: Revealed 5D mark II specification, partially

Daniel Lim - Sep 11, 2008, 4:15 pm CDT

A reputable French magazine, Chasseur d’images, that brought you an ad leak on Leica 50mm F0.95 Noctilux has an interesting post on their website involving the year most anticipated digital camera – Canon EOS 5D mark II.

Chasseur d’images is one of French’s most-read photography magazines, they probably have got to look at and even field-test the camera. They did mention and state the information as rumors that have been circulating the web recently (so they don’t break NDA?). It’s in French, so the babefish translation is slightly challenging. Here is a few points of interest.

  1. EOS 5D replacement will be announced on September 17, 8am.
  2. It is a full frame, like its predecessor, but with 21 megapixel Digic IV processor.
  3. New design with magnesium alloy body
  4. New features live view and video mode.
  5. More ergonomic design and a new battery
  6. Cost 2600 Euro ~$3,600

Canon EOS 5D-II : only a few days left !

Canon keeps a total silence on its next reflex camera, placed under a very firm embargo. But, in same time, Canon excites curiosity with a “teasing” which presents the silhouette of its next baby, in order to maintain the buzz. Canon us will thus not want of it if we enter his play and revealing before the standard time (!) broad outlines of the next EOS-5.

The date of official presentation of this apparatus is known: Wednesday September 17 at 8 o’clock in the morning. At this time precise, you will see appearing the indentity card of the case which will replace the current EOS-5.

Although secret, its characteristics are known. Here the synthesis of the rumours (hum…) who circulate:

– this new EOS will replace the 5D and will cost the same price appreciably: 2600 euros naked;
– it receives a sensor 24×36, like its predecessor, but exceeds the bar of the 21 million pixels;
– it profits from a new drawing, renovated and of a beautiful completion combining robustness and lightness, thanks to a magnesium alloy frame;
– it concentrates all the “new ideas” recently appeared at its competitors: direct aiming of type Live View, but also, known as the rumour, a video mode.

For the remainder (gives rhythm driving, dust protection…), it is wise to await the official presentation to go into the details. New more ergonomic drawing, improved battery, fast processor Digic IV… Canon obviously will not deprive the new EOS 5 of its last projections.

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